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About NMPA

NMPA has been set up to provide information to the public, to businesses and lawyers and to the courts about civil/commercial mediation and mediators. It is an important part of the Ministry of Justice vision for civil justice that disputes should where possible be resolved without the need for parties to go to court, and the NMPA is the first port of call for approved mediators.

In order to become an accredited NMPA Mediation Provider, Providers must comply with the CMC's Provider accreditation scheme, which is regarded as the kite mark of quality.

The NMPA Providers must ensure that their individual mediators:

- Are properly trained and accredited,
- Are Insured and supervised
- Fulfill their continuing professional development (CPD) and practice requirements.
- Adopt the obligations in the EU Model Code of conduct for Mediations 

In addition an NMPA Provider must:

- Operate a published complaints procedure 
- Capture feedback about their mediators from parties in a mediation,
- Operate a continuing professional development policy for their mediators
- Have adequate insurance in place

The NMPA Providers take these obligations very seriously to ensure that you can be confident when asking for their advice with regard to mediation and arranging a mediation for you.