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Who are the Mediators?

The Mediators are all members of the mediation provider organisations listed on the Mediation Providers page. All of the NMPA Providers listed are accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and are approved by the Ministry of Justice.

The mediators come from many different backgrounds and are all trained and experienced in helping people settle their disputes.

You will be asked a series of questions to ascertain how appropriate your dispute is for mediation. Once this information has been obtained, the NMPA will refer your request via email to one of the listed mediation providers. They will contact you to discuss your dispute and, if all parties agree to proceed with mediation, they arrange a suitable time and venue for the mediation. To take place some mediations may, with the agreement of all parties, be carried out by telephone. 

If you have not already obtained the other parties consent to mediation, the mediation provider will contact them on your behalf to discuss the possibility of mediation. If, however, the other parties do not agree to mediate the provider will inform you and close the file.

If a claim regarding the dispute has been issued at Court you must inform the Court, in writing, that the dispute is going to be mediated. You can ask for a stay of procedures to allow time for the mediation to take place. The courts will normally agree to a stay for this purpose.

At the agreed place and time all parties will meet. The mediator will usually speak to all parties together to explain the process. Parties may then split off into separate rooms so that the mediator can speak on a one-to-one basis with the parties.

During the mediation process, the mediator will be looking for common ground between the parties and may go back and forth between them discussing offers and proposals until an agreement has been reached. Once an agreement has been reached a mediation agreement can be drawn up and signed by all parties.

Usually you will be given a choice of mediators that will be nominated if they a re suitable to deal with your case. They may be lawyers, surveyors, architect, accountant or similar professionals that have experience in dealing with similar cases, such as yours.

All the NMPA Providers' mediators adhere to the NMPA Provider Members' practice standards.